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About Jena Elementary School


We, the faculty and staff of Jena Elementary School, pledge ourselves to the fulfilling of our Philosophy of Education. We are dedicated to insuring our students that they will have an effective school with strong instructional leadership, clear school mission, a climate of high expectations, and an objective method of measuring their academic progress. Believing that every child can learn, we are committed to guaranteeing each individual an opportunity to learn to their greatest potential in a safe learning environment which will promote dignity, worth, and respect for everyone. 


  • Set high expectations for students in both achievement and conduct
  •  Embrace differences among students regardless of socio-economic level, religious, racial, ethnic or cultural backgrounds. All children should feel welcomed and accepted as well as challenged.
  •  Provide support to students by identifying and providing any required early intervention and additional support for students in need.
  • Value parents as partners by working in partnership with parents to promote student growth and achievement.
  •  Uphold high expectations for staff through professionalism and to carry out the vision of the school.


Jena Elementary School has no school fees. 

Unpaid Fee Collection – If payments are not made by the due date, a request for payment will be made in writing stating the original deadline of the fee and give 5 school days from the date of the notice for the parent to pay the fee or submit an economic hardship waiver to the Principal.